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Getting Started

Since you need to install your application as a Progressive Web App, you must configure your server to meet PWA Minimal Requirements, that is, your server must:

  • serve manifest.webmanifest with application/manifest+json mime type
  • you must serve your application over https
  • you must redirect from http to https


Testing your application on production

Once you deploy your application to your server, you can test it using WebPageTest.

There are many test sites, but we suggest you use WebPageTest as this is the most comprehensive in terms of test:

  • Security.
  • First byte time.
  • Keep alive enabled.
  • Compress transfer.
  • Cache static content.
  • Effective use of CDN.
  • Lighthouse: Core Web Vitals, Performance, Images size optimization...
  • And more...

Enter the url of your application, click Start Test button, wait for the test to finish, the WebPageTest result will hint you what things on your application must be fixed/changed. The WebPageTest result will also score your application, it will also test your site with Lighthouse.

For example, go to WebPageTest, enter, click Start Test button, wait a few seconds for the test to finish, and see the results for this site.

Released under the MIT License.