Zero-config PWA for ViteZero-config PWA for Vite

Zero-config PWA Framework-agnostic Plugin for Vite

👌 Zero-Config

Sensible built-in default configs for common use cases

🔩 Extensible

Expose the full ability to customize the behavior of the plugin

🔌 Offline Support

Generate Service Worker with Offline support (via Workbox)

⚡ Fully tree shakable

Auto inject Web App Manifest

💬 Prompt for new content

Built-in support for Vanilla JavaScript, Vue 3, React, Svelte, SolidJS and Preact

⚙️ Stale-while-revalidate

Automatic reload when new content is available

✨ Static assets handling

Configure static assets for offline support

🐞 Development Support

Debug your custom service worker logic as you develop your application

MIT Licensed | Copyright © 2021-PRESENT Anthony Fu