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Vite Plugin

Zero-config and framework-agnostic PWA Plugin for Vite

Vite Plugin PWAVite Plugin PWA


Sensible built-in default configs for common use cases



Expose the full ability to customize the behavior of the plugin


Offline Support

Generate Service Worker with Offline support (via Workbox)

Fully tree shakable

Auto inject Web App Manifest


Prompt for new content

Built-in support for Vanilla JavaScript, Vue 3, React, Svelte, SolidJS and Preact



Automatic reload when new content is available

Static assets handling

Configure static assets for offline support


Development Support

Debug your custom service worker logic as you develop your application

Meet The Team

Anthony Fu

Anthony Fu

A fanatical open sourceror, working @ NuxtLabs

Core team member of Vite & Vue

Joaquín Sánchez

Joaquín Sánchez

A fullstack and android developer

Vite's fanatical follower

ハン / Han

ハン / Han

Student / Front-End Engineer

@windi_css member

Deploys by Netlify

Released under the MIT License.